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Salanganes Islands Nha Trang – Sic Tour

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here, you can view other islands, in which located nest of salanganes. It is really a good way to figure out how people get the salanganes nest, the very nutritious food by this trip. Noi Islands is not only...

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About Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city and a center of politics, economy, culture and tourism in the province of Khanh Hoa. Nha Trang owns long white sand, blue sea and it is suitable for many tourist activities. The development of tourism here leads to many hotels from the mini to the International class standards available to meet the needs of visitors.

Besides, Nha Trang is a well-known city that celebrate many big festivals such as Festival of the Sea, Miss Universe 2008, Miss World 2010,…for Vietnamese as well as international events

Truly, with a mild climate, convenient transportation, this coastal city is blessed in natural scenery, climate with a background in humanities and history attraction, which facilitates many types of tourism. ?Nha Trang Bay with 19 islets, are classified in one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world,? a “common house” for all species inhabit. It is not only rich in natural resources, beautiful scenery but also admirable for the cultural beauty of the sea, and now becomes a must-see destination when you visit Nha Trang.

Some of islets complex have been put into operation in tourism and been fond of by many tourists : Hon Mun Island which has abundant and diserve coral reefs, Hon Mieu – Hon Mot, Hon Tam and Hon Tre with luxury resorts in Nha Trang…

Nha Trang is a deserved place to create unforgettable impression on your holidays.

Top things to do in Nha Trang

If this is the first time you traveling Vietnam then you do not want to miss this destination, this beautiful coastal city will definitely impress you by its attractions, magnificent beaches and islands as well as friendly local people and cannot mention many interesting activities like diving, snorkeling…

Po Nagar Cham Tower

Po Nagar Temple is the ancient architectural of Cham People, situated far from Nha Trang Center around 2 km to the north, the tower is the combination of 4 towers, 2 temples and the largest cathedral tower worship Po Nagar goddess. After visiting the Po Nagar Temple, you can experience mud pack at Thap Ba resorts hot springs nearby.

Hon Chong Island & Hon Vo Island

This destination far from the city center is about 3km northeast. Hon Chong Island (Husband Island) is a rocks space with a variety of shapes, stacked high running from the shore into the sea. A group of smaller stones, situated at the foot of the eastern hill, called Hon Vo Island (Wife Island). Hon Chong space almost separated from the bustling streets and it also is one of the most beautiful views of the city.

Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun Island has blue and clear sea waters and gorgeous coral ecosystems, was considered as the area of biodiversity in Vietnam by Foundation World Wildlife (WWF). Arrive Hon Mun Island, visitors can not miss activities like: Bar floating on the sea, explore coral diving,…

Ninh Van Bay

Ninh Van Bay situated far from Nha Trang city about 60 kilometers, located on Hon Meo Island peninsula. Ninh Van Bay bring beauty and pure scenery which is particularly suitable for those who want to feel relaxed in the quiet coastal space. Additionally, you can also watch coral, diving or try surfing, windsurfing or kayaking.

Hon Tam Island

This island has an area of about 110 hectares, 7km far from the center of Nha Trang towards southeast. From Hon Tam Island, you can see the whole city in the north of Nha Trang and Cam Ranh peninsula in the south. Besides beautiful beaches, Hon Tam Island is also famous for its activity such as coral diving, exploring the sea by glass bottom boat coral…

Dai Lanh Beach

Dai Lanh Beach is belongs to Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, located on the 1A National Highway, far from Nha Trang City about 80km to the north. After swimming and exploring the sea, tourists can rent motorboats to visit Bai Lang, Khai Luong, Dam Mon, Vung Ro port, or to explore the village of Dai Lanh and lives of fishermen…

Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay in Van Ninh District (Khanh Hoa Province), situated far from Nha Trang Center about 40km towards the north. It attracts visitors with the wild beauty of small and large blue islands in the smaller bays inside. There are two ways to visit Van Phong bay, one is floating on the boat by sea from Nha Phu Bay, and the other are by car or motorbike from Nha Trang center.

Best time to visit Nha Trang

Nha Trang located in the tropical area; sea, sunshine are always available for sea lovers therefore you can come and visit this destination anytime of the year.

The best time to travel to this sea city is from July to February with not very high temperature so you can take a dip in the sea, swimming as well as taking part in many sea activities…